Paul Kei Matsuda
Academic.Writing forum: Connecting WAC and ESL?

Academic.Writing (2001)

"This Forum builds on an article by Paul Kei Matsuda and Jeff Jablonski, Beyond the L2 Metaphor: Towards a Mutually Transformative Model of ESL/WAC Collaboration. Published in Academic.Writing in 2000, the article provided a thoughtful challenge to current thinking about relations between the two fields. This Forum opens with statements from four scholars whose primary focus is ESL and responses to those statements from two scholars whose primary focus is writing across the curriculum. The participants then engage in a discussion built around two follow-up and one closing question. Members of this Forum communicated with each other via electronic mail and the Web over a period of roughly two months. Their interactions are represented here using links among and beyond the texts that they produced." (Introduction by Mike Palmquist)

Bloch, J., Condon, W., Hickey, D., Matsuda, P. K., McCleary, L., Rilling, S., & Palmquist, M. (2001). Academic.Writing forum: Connecting WAC and ESL? Academic.Writing. Available:

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