Paul Kei Matsuda

Second Language Writing at ASU

Arizona State University provides an opportunity to pursue a doctoral study with a specialization in second language writing, a transdisciplinary field of inquiry that draws from and contributes to various fields, including applied linguistics, composition studies, linguistics, literacy studies, foreign language teaching, rhetoric, and TESOL.

Students in PhD programs in 1) Rhetoric, Writing and Literacy and 2) Linguistics and Applied Linguistics can specialize in second language writing. In addition to meeting the core requirements, students typically take ENG 525 (Teaching Second Language Writing) and 2-3 sections of ENG 625 (Advanced Studies in Second Language Writing). In addition, students who have a TAship in the Writing Programs usually take ENG 594 (Practicum in Teaching Multilingual Composition) and teach a variety of L2 writing courses.

I am affiliated primarily with Rhetoric, Writing and Literacies. If you are interested in working with me, it would be best to apply to this program.

Faculty Expertise. Two of the faculty members in the English Department—Paul Kei Matsuda and Mark A. James—have published extensively in the field of second language writing. In addition, there are many faculty members--both within the English Department and across the university—who provide relevant theoretical and methodological perspectives, such as technology and language instruction, content-based language teaching, curriculum design, discourse analysis, English for academic purposes, language assessment, language policy, literacy studies, multilingual education, pragramtics, situated learning, second language acquisition and world Englishes.

Coursework. The Department of English offers the following courses on second language writing:

In addition, students can work closely with faculty members in developing their research and publication projects focusing on second language writing through independent studies and research credits as well as dissertation projects.

A Community of L2 Writing Specialists. Outside the classroom, you can join the community of faculty, students and visiting scholars who share an interest in second language writing by participating in reading groups, potluck dinners and other social events. You will find various opportunity to learn professional practices in the field by working with faculty members on various research and publication projects.

You will also have opportunities to contribute to the Symposium on Second Language Writing, an annual international gathering of second language writing teachers and researchers. (For information about Paul's approach to mentoring, please read "Mentoring as a Long-Term Relationship: Situated Learning in a Doctoral Program.")

If you are interested in specializing in second language writing at ASU, please feel free to contact Paul Kei Matsuda at (Please read the guidelines for submitting queries before sending your email query.)

If you have general questions about admissions procedure, graduate programs, possible funding sources and other general questions about ASU, please use the contact information provided at the program website.

Updated on December 17, 2016